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We’re excited to finally announce that Bia! Zine will be released to the world on September 18th and to celebrate we’re taking over @hensteethstore!

Date: Sunday, September 18th
Time: From 12 pm

We’ll be taking over:

  • the kitchen! We’ve chosen a migrant chef to whip up a gorgeous lunch menu for the day!

  • the drinks! Have you ever drank a fried plantain cocktail?

  • the music! We have a live performance and banging playlist guaranteed to set the mood for the day!

We’re also gonna have a live panel discussion with some friends about why celebrating migrant foods and documenting our lived experience is so important!

PLUS we’ll be selling our fresh hot-off-the-press zines live in the flesh!

This event is open to the public. Bring your friends, families and dogs (Hen’s Teeth is dog-friendly)!

See you on Sunday, 18th September!