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Submitting to Bia!: A guide

Can I submit to Bia!?

Bia! centres people of colour based in or from Ireland who identify with the term ‘migrant’, ‘diaspora’, ‘1st generation’ etc. If this is you, you are welcome to submit regardless of your background, age, experience level, discipline, or gender.

What can I submit? 

1. Read up on what we’re looking for here ︎︎︎ Inspo & Ideas

We’re pretty much open to any visual or written submission but please keep in mind that Bia! is a print publication and is unable to feature audio or video submissions.

We also don't feature, promote or cover musicians, artists or event releases.

Are there specific guidelines for my submission? Such as word count or submitting already published work?

2. Read our guidelines before submitting here ︎︎︎ Guidelines

How do I submit my work?

3. First, decide if you want to pitch your idea or submit a completed piece.

I want to pitch my idea. (we recommend this to minimise the amount of unpaid labour we ask of you).

3a. Fill out this form if you’d like to pitch your idea ︎︎︎ Pitches Submissions Box

I’d like to submit a completed piece

3b. Fill out this form if you’d like to submit a completed piece ︎︎︎ Completed Pieces Submissions Box

What happens after I’ve submitted?

4. Once our submissions close, we will take about 1-2 weeks to go through the submissions and decide what will go in the publication. If necessary, we’ll give you feedback and work with you to make sure your piece is as sweet as it can be for print. 

Bia! aims to create a cohesive tone throughout the publication, so although you may submit your work, we can’t guarantee it will be published. We encourage you to pitch your ideas to avoid disappointment or email us if you want some ideas on what you can contribute!

Do you pay for work?

We’re a small publication with a small budget but we’ve got massive appreciation for everyone who is putting in time and energy to submit to us.

We’re actively exploring our options with regards to paying everyone who contributes to Bia! but for now we can guarantee you a free copy of the publication, thank you goodies, and, of course, credit & promotion of your work.

A major aim of this publication is to support grassroots organisations advocating for migrant rights and protesting direct provision in Ireland. We hope to do this by raising funds from sale profits and supporting awareness raising work. By submitting your work to Bia!, you contribute to this goal (thank you!).