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Bia! sits somewhere between a zine, a cookbook, a diary and an archive. We want to celebrate food through the words and images of migrants and diasporic communities in Ireland. For more information on who can submit to Bia! read our ’Submissions’ page.

We’re looking for photography, personal essays, collages, poetry, comics, illustrations, journal/diary scans, old photo scans, passed down / tried and tested recipes, fiction. For more information on technical guidelines for submissions, read our ‘Guidelines’ page.

Here are some ideas on what you could submit plus you can check out our Instagram for more inspo. If in doubt, give us a shout:

Some ideas & thoughts for you to expand on:

Food & travel stories / diaries.

Street food, transporting smells.

An ode to your favourite snack / food / fruit / veg / meal / drink.

Perfect food-related moments 
(i.e. the burnt bits at the bottom of the pot, eating with your hands).

Lists & food ratings (i.e. best malt drink ranked, essential spices).

The tools we use to cook or eat (i.e. chopsticks, rice cookers)

Where we buy our foods (i.e. the “ethnic” section in Tesco; Halal groceries & African shops)

Foods we miss / food that remind us of home / comfort food.

Recreating home cooked meals at college or when living abroad.

Passed down / tried and tested recipes.

Celebration & comiseration meals.
(i.e. parties, weddings, funerals)

The people who taught us how to cook.

Matriarchal kitchens.

Sustainability / food waste / ice cream tubs full of food.

Conversations at the kitchen table.

Eating together vs eating alone.

Veganism / vegetarianism (in meat-eating households).

Food and mental health.

Food intolerances.

Irish foods / fast food restaurants.

Rummaging through our food-related archives (i.e. our parents eating, birthday cakes through the years, party spreads) 

Guiding visuals:

Primary colours.

Scans / archives.